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I realize that I am terrible about posting here. But someone just sent me this, and I felt the need to post it.

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See - I promised I'd start writing in this thing again. Even if it's not every couple of days. O well, here's what's been happening in my life. I know you're all waiting with bated breath.

1. All moved into the new apartment. YAY.
2. Had a job interview yesterday. Everyone cross your fingers :)
3. I'm enjoying watching the world cup. Who would've thought?

My thoughts on the game of football/soccer:

I always thought soccer was boring b/c no one ever seems to score a goal...and I still think that the whole 1 or 2 goals a game thing is kinda lame. However, if you get through the first 10 minutes of watching where it's boring as all hell, it starts to get a little interesting. Anyways, I suggest you guys watch it.

Also - it must really frikin hurt to hit a ball that far with your head.


i'm back again
O Livejournal -
I have such an on again/off again relationship with you

I usually start the whole "on again" part when I'm sick (b/c I get bored) - and since I'm getting over this weird cold/flu/OMG-my-body-aches thing, I figured, I might as well start up again.

SO - let's see what's new

Right now I'm pretty much trying to pack so I can move into the new apartment with Zach - while also working full time, and writing a thesis... Maybe that's why I got sick lol, too much stuff to do.

I don't think I've played an instrument in about 2 weeks which hurts my brain and just makes me feel weird, so I suppose I should work on that.

I cleaned out my crouse locker the other day - which was sad... but I was so sick that I could only drag the box into the percussion room where all my other stuff is. I still have to go up to crouse for things, so whatever, I'll keep my keys for awhile - I've had them for six years, what's a few more months..

Other than all that - I think that's all I got. Except that I'm on a huge BONES and FRINGE kick - and if you don't watch them you are lame. The only way to rectify such lameness is by watching such shows.

Okay, peace folks
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today = awesome
dumbledore - divine magic
Today was awesome... for one main reason.
I was at the Georgetown game... SU won by almost 20 pts, the student section was CRAZY (in the best way possible), and I was on ESPN


Unfortunately, I am still regaining my hearing from standing right in front of the drums - and my feet hurt like a mofo - but s'all good.

That's about it for now.
Now I'm going to work on my thesis a bit.

I'm definitely doing something on film soundtracks.
Either - the evolution of a certain genre of soundtracks (sci-fi or horror) or maybe academy award winners/nominees

Peace out.

It's 10:29 - and Georgetown still sucks

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cookie monster
I learned this weekend that I'm actually getting a copy of that concerto that I'm playing with WE. I know it's a lot to ask - having a music to practice with for a concert in a month. Whatever - I'm happy.

I've been trying to learn the piece through osmosis by just listening to it over and over. I don't think it's worked....

You all should come to the concert on Feb. 28th. A whole bunch of people are coming into town b/c we're more importantly doing the piece that Mike wrote for Shannon - so come, or else you are totally lame (or have jobs... but I like the first one better).


I discovered today that there are free mp3s on iLike (on Facebook)... and I was introduced to a fantastic band called "AG Silver". I find the band name ingenious and funny, but mostly cuz I'm a huge dork.

I would describe them as a cross b/w Keane, U2, classic rock influences, and awesomeness. Their music is a bit more hard-rock than those 2 bands, but the singer's voice reminds me of a combination b/w the Keane guy and Bono. They also have way cooler chord progressions in their music. If you go on iLike, you can get 2 songs for free.


That's it, I think.
I've been score studying, music listening, and football watching all day.
Yay multi-tasking


Cross your fingers, HP fans
totally random but -

It was announced that Alexandre Desplat might score HP Deathly Hallows (Pt 1). If this is true - I'm so pumped. He is pretty awesome, and for a less action-heavy, more road trip type movie, he would be pretty perfect. He's already scored Benjamin Button, Painted Veil, Golden Compass, and Syriana.

This may have been more dorkiest post yet.
And in a long line of dorky posts - that's saying something.

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Last First Day
music - chaos
Today was my last, first day of school. It feels weird, and I feel old. A couple of cool things are going on this semester.

1. Conducting recital
2. Thesis... (I'm not going to go there at the moment)
3. Playing a whole bunch in Ken's recital

and o yea - I learned this today:

4. Playing the Raise the Roof concerto by Daugherty in wind ensemble.

Last semester I jokingly suggested to Laverty (when he was trying to determine this semester's wind ensemble repertoire) that we play the Raise the Roof concerto. He asked "That would be awesome - can you play it?" So I said of course - because if someone asks you if you can play a concerto, you always always say yes.

I didn't think we would actually do it. But today he called me into his office and told me we're playing it on the first concert.

So - I'm going to be practicing a WHOLE frikin lot. But I'm also wicked pumped.


Speaking of wicked, (did you like that segue?) my mom and I went and saw Wicked the other day. I had seen it in Chicago - but the Elphaba this time was frikin amazing. And she was the stand-in... which begs the question, how good was the main actress?


And now I'm watching LOST. I bought a few of the seasons over break - and watched the first 3 episodes last night. Now I'm watching "Walkabout", which is one of my all time favorite episodes (aka the one where Locke kills the boar & we find out he was in a wheelchair)

It's funny to me that Jack was always whiny and annoying. Also - I really miss Desmond and Juliette in the beginning episodes. I even miss the character of Ben, just because he's so awesomely evil.

Okay - I think that's it for now.

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dumbledore - divine magic
Oh my god. So apparently some virus got into Shannon's old gmail account - because I was checking my e-mail and there was a message "from" Shannon about some new product I should check out - and it was sent to everyone in her contacts that had a name starting with E.

This made me so sick, I almost threw up

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I have nothing really to post. I just really wanted to use this icon.


around yo
Hello all -
I'm trying to post more regularly, I swear. I remember back in high school/beginning of undergrad that I used to post almost everyday. Well that was then, and I am no longer a teenager, so this is the best you get for now :P

I really have nothing of value to add.

I started reading "Dreams of Armageddon" by H.G. Wells, which is a collection of all of his short stories. Two stories into it, and I would recommend. It's a good, lighter read - and probably a good way to introduce yourself into Wells' writing style - which is pretty fantastic. After reading 3 of his novels, I'm already a fan, so whatever - you should be too.

Other than that, I'm still enjoying my break. I REALLY (emphasis on REALLY) need to pick a thesis topic. I'd like to do something on film scores - for three reasons mostly.
1 - I already know a lot about them & their composers.
2 - I have access to a ton of old recordings by working at Belfer (and since I'm the one that has cataloged them - I researched those recordings)
3 - I frikin love movie scores.

Also - when I got to play with Michael Kamen in 7th grade, that pretty much started me down the road to professional music, so it would be a kind of nice bookend.

Let me know what ya'll think. If you have any concrete ideas/suggestions - that would be GREAT.


P.S. a commercial for The Simpsons just came on - and they were playing "Yellow" by Coldplay in the background and for some reason I thought that was just the funniest marketing idea.


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